Thursday, August 9, 2012

School is Starting...Ready or Not!

Well, I only have 3 more days of "freedom" before I am required to go back to work! I'm ready to get back in the routine of working again. I miss teaching my little rug rats! This week has been FILLED with work detail in order to be on top of my game this year (one of which was making a few chalkboards for my room). It's hard not being stressed when you know that your year is going to be jammed packed with stressful things

  • Having a new group of kids to get to know
  • Teaching a new math curriculum that has LOTS of parts to get together
  • Observation year (this only requires TONS of paper work to go with it and hoping that my kids don't "cut up" too much when the principal is in my room)
  • Final year of grad school which includes a practicum that will be done in my room
  • Having to make sure that I have everything translated into Spanish this year since I will have a few families that don't speak English (first year doing this, so I'm sure that I will become a pro by the time the year is over with)
This weekend will be filled with just a few last minute things to get done so I can at least take my stress level down to about a 5 instead of a 9.
  • First 9 weeks of math planning
  • Newsletters for the first 2 weeks
  • Full lesson plans for the first 2 weeks
  • Trips to the store to get a flash drive (mine died at the end of the year) and storage containers
  • Pick up one of my grad school books
  • Plan some meals to be cooked in the crock pot
Ready or not school will be starting for the teachers on Monday then comes the kiddos on the following Monday! On yeah, I almost forgot that "Meet the Teacher" night is next week too!! Oh my!!! The school dreams have already started and I am sure that they will get even worse as "The Day" approaches. 

I will TRY TRY to remember to talk pictures of my room now that it's finally d-o-n-e.