Saturday, June 22, 2013

Remind 101--FREE Service

I was perusing through my Pinterest account, and came across this text messaging service for teachers. It's called "Remind 101".

Do you mean that there is a way to send out a mass text message to my parents without giving them my cell phone number?!?! Yes there is!!!!

All you have to do is sign up and create a class name. Then you can have your parents sign up just like they would for texts from stores. There is a number to text and attach the tag line that connects to your account.

Anytime that you have a message for parents, just go to the site (or the app on your phone), type up the message, and then send! They do not know your phone number but are able to get those reminders that are on those newsletters that they never read. You know what I'm talking spend all that time creating a cute newsletter then it never gets home or gets put directly into the trash can.

Did I mention that you can attach this to your class blog?? You create a widget from the settings and place it anywhere on your blog. This way your parents not only get your text messages, but they are able to see the messages you send on the blog! 

I'm SUPER excited about this!! I can't wait to use it in my classroom next year. Most of my parents could care less about newsletters or blogs, but I know that they will check their phones. Whoot Whoot!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Teacher Needs Your Help

Over the past few days I have been attending the Mid-South Reading and Writing Conference/Institute. It has been a great experience learning more about how to make writing and reading (specifically vocabulary instruction) more meaningful and fit into the Common Core.

One of the discussions was about the lack of at home libraries of children from poverty or low-income homes. We all know that children in these circumstances have smaller vocabulary than children from higher social-economical homes. Some of this comes from the lack of reading at home. I know that there are other reasons too, but this is a problem that we can fix. The way that we can fix this is to build the child's at home library. We expect these children to read every night, but they don't have the books to do this. They might not have someone that can take them to the library; life is just about surviving, it's not about going to the library. So what can we do to build their libraries??? Well, we can get these books donated.

I have included 2 different representations showing the importance of having students read EVERYDAY for 20-30 minutes.
From Perry Public Schools
From The High-Tech Teacher

There is a point to all of this, I promise......

I would LOVE to be able to have those of you in the blogging world to help me out here. Many of my students (not all, but many) do not have the books at home to become successful, to build their language and vocabulary. My goal this year is to be able to give EVERY student at least one book every 2 months, but I do need your guys' help! This blog might not be the most popular, most read, but I do know that teachers know how to get the word out even for tiny little blogs like mine! So yes, I am begging you to please help build students' at home library by sending books that you think little 3rd graders would love to read!!

Just let leave me a comment with your email address if you are interested and I will get you the information that you need! I hope that you all will get the word out to help my little lovelies!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


It's been a busy time for me since school has been out! I've been having my nose to the grind trying to get finished with grad school, getting things ready for my summer job teaching reading/math, and helping out with my kid's camp. Oh, almost forgot....I have been trying to get my training for the El Camino de Santiago underway too (accomplished to hike 11.5 miles with a 15 pound pack!). Busy, busy, busy summer. It's only to get even busier.

I figured that I link up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade's June's been awhile. Gives me a nice break from doing grad assignments and icing my wrist from tendonitis.

Listening to those critters and bugs.....I am one of those freaks that does not turn on the a/c until ABSOLUTELY necessary. That thing cost money! Plus there is an attic fan that I can turn on at night to cool the house down. It really does work!

Loving all of my goodies....Things have been coming in the mail left and right! For one thing, I won a $100 gift card from Oriental Trading for Teacher Appreciation Week!! I got all sorts of stuff for my classroom. Some of the things I have been wanting for a while, but was too cheap to buy myself. Plus, there were things I still REFUSED to buy because they were too expensive. See...I am cheap with free money, ha ha ha ha. Everything else has been books for grad school, teaching units, and personal use. Who doesn't like getting package??? LOL.

Thinking about all the kiddos at camp....The A/G in Alabama have summer camp every year for kids and teens. Well, right now it's the kid's turn. So, I have been going to help the lovelies get registered. I am thinking about them constantly; hoping that they are growing in their relationship with the Lord. 

Wanting to go on my trip....I know that I have a little less than a year before I take on the El Camino de Santiago, but I would love to just start now! While I wait, a friend of my did recommend a book that a classmate of his wrote a few years back to help me get ready. Maybe I will get some time to read it over the summer. 

Needing to stop being so lazy.....I was just telling my mother about how I have not moved from my little area in the living room today. Lazy hefer!!!!!! I know that I have been working away on some school assignments. But that is not excuse to stay in the same spot all day. I've got to get moving tomorrow!!!!

3 vacation essentials.....1) a book--I love to read. No vacation is complete without a good book to get lost in. That leads into #2, a comfy chair. Love reading a book in a big comfy chair, one that I can just fall asleep in if I want. 3) Have to have a good beverage. I prefer good ol' H2O. It's my trusty friend that will always quench my thirst.