Friday, August 22, 2014

School is in Full Swing

I can't even remember the last time it was that I blogged last. This past year has been a little crazy. Planning (and going) a six week hiking trip to Spain. Ending up having to go by myself due to my friend getting into a terrible car accident. Also, doing a Spartan Race. There has been NO time for blogging!

My trip was wonderful! I didn't want to come home. You can see everything at I am already semi planning my next trip to Italy. is in fully swing! We have been back for over two weeks, and it seems a little strange to be working instead of walking in Spain. My class is great...just a little talkative, but nothing that I can't handle. My classroom is the biggest I have ever had--each of us has 25 to 26 kids (there are 5 of us). It is a challenge, but we're making it.

The biggest challenge is addition and subtraction right now. Our kids we have now didn't get into 2 digit numbers until late in the year (our math program isn't the best at pacing). After spending a lot of time with these skills over the past two weeks, we gave our first math test. Subtraction is still a weakness. So, I am sending their math tests home to correct. Along with the tests, I provided my parents with links to videos that explain how to add and subtract using the strategies used in the classroom. I thought that I would share them with everyone. Maybe you can use them to help explain math strategies to your parents. Just please forgive the was a long day "in the office".



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