Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anchor Chart Overload!

My teaching neighbor believes that I have an anchor chart problem. Ha ha ha! Can a teacher really have too many anchor charts?!?! I believe that they can, because I was starting to run out of room with all of my reading, math, and writing charts. They were taking over everything...I was running out of room to put them, so I was stacking them on my white board!! Finally had to part with some of my "things that come in groups" charts from my multiplication unit in order to put others up to have room to write on my board. Just telling you isn't enough....I just have to show you.

I just realized that I still have my "Merry Christmas" and Christmas tree written on my desk. LOL.I think that I might need to fix that sometime before parents come into my classroom.

There isn't a wall that isn't covered with anchor charts. Is there a support group for my problem?? Ha ha ha.