Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Volcano Projects

Going to grad school doesn't make it easy to post on a regular basis, let me tell you. I am so excited that we finally finished our volcano projects! Our reading story was all about volcanoes, so why not learn as much as we can about volcanoes??

We started out with doing a K-W-L chart before ever reading our reading story and starting our research. Then the races were off! I split the students into groups, giving them all different resources to use to find as much information as possible. They were to write all their important information in their discovery journals. This took about 3 days since we do not get a lot of time for science/social studies.

They had so much fun doing their research! It was hard to make them stop. Since we did not have enough books for everyone, we rotated the groups. This insured that everyone got a change with all the resources. 

After the research was complete, the students were busy little bees constructing their posters. They needed to include a pictures of volcanoes and the information that they found. Here a couple finished products...

I knew it was then time to finish our K-W-L chart. We were going to complete a science experiment to go with our research, but it has been too rainy for the past week. May be another time.

This coming week we are starting fractions!!! I'm pretty excited about this too, because we are going to be playing some great games and learn how to cross multiply. Fun, fun, fun!!!