Friday, March 15, 2013

It's All About Weather

 It's spring break!!! I've made it!!!!!

     I love, love teaching our weather unit. It's not the fanciest thing in the world, but I love seeing my students get so involved with each lesson. There is always the black-hole of never ending questions. No way can they all be answered. Every once in a while, I am able to get the kiddos to find out the answers on their own. This is a rarity, but it does happen.

       Like any good teacher try to keep her students entertained, we have a couple of songs that we use to help our lovelies remember the water cycle and the types of clouds. The water cycle song is something one of my team members remembers from when she was in 3rd grade, and the cloud song was composed by an old 3rd grade team member.

Water Cycle Song
(To the tune of "She's Comin' Around the Mountain", and there are hand motions for each part)
Water travels in a cycle, yes it does
Water travels in a cycle, yes it does
Water goes up as evaporation (hands rise)
It forms clouds as condensation (Hands clap without touching)
Falls down as precipitation (Hands make come down like rain)
Yes it does.
Water Cycle! (Fist pump in the air)

Cloud Song
('s more like a rap)
Clouds, clouds, amazing clouds
Cumulus clouds are fluffy and white
Could mean good weather
It might! It might!
Clouds, clouds, amazing clouds.
Stratus cloud are low and grey
It might mean that rain is coming today
Clouds, clouds, amazing clouds
Cirrus clouds are wispy and high
This means it's nice and we'll play outside
Clouds, clouds, amazing clouds
Watch out for cumulonimbus clouds
Their thunder and lightening make a big
Clouds, clouds, amazing clouds

If you would like to have the PowerPoint presentations for these, you can visit my TPT store. Just click on the picture below.