Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's Been a While...

Boy, I feel like I have neglected my poor little blog this summer--with good reasons too. This was my last semester of grad school! Now that I am FINISHED, I have time to work in my classroom and blog a little more. Also, I took a summer job at the Boys and Girls Club to help with their summer learning program. Who doesn't like a little extra cash??

I was able to get into my classroom last week. YAY!! I want to start the year with a nice CLEAN room that is inviting to my kiddos. When I got into my room, I wasn't really prepared to see all my JUNK that I have been hoarding for years. Teachers are so bad about keeping things that they might use, which is really code for "I am just going to let this collect dust with my other piles of junk". Now I know that I am one of those people.

Number 1 mission--clean out all the junk. It took me all week to get tons and tons of stuff that I haven't used in years out of my room. There were even things I never knew that I had that were stuff all over the place. I didn't think about taking a "before" picture, but believe me it was really, really messy. I'm not ready to put my "after" picture up yet since I do have a lot of work to do still. Maybe by Friday I will have everything together.

Number 2 mission--decorate the room. This is not my strong suit, but I am going to try my best.

I do have to say that if feels good to be back, ready to rock-n-rock with a new school year without having to do my own school work!