Saturday, August 17, 2013

My classroom...Finally

I have been so behind on the "back to school" linky. I have been diligently trying to get my classroom together and plans together for the kiddos. They come trampling in on Monday, and I am NOT ready. I haven't gone to the school on a Saturday in a long time, but I had to go in order to be totally ready. It only took about 4 hours for me to have everything putting together. Other teachers came to work too, so I wasn't the only "loser" going to work on a "non-work" day :)

I did remember to take pictures for ya'll

                      Here are pictures from a couple of different angels

My library

My daily data board.

Homeworkopoly board (my kids LOVE playing) and our morning rountine

Lunch choice board
I know that the cabinet is a little dirty, but I have tried EVERYTHING trying to get it clean.

My door